Our Plan

York Habitat for Humanity has some big plans.

What are plans if not ambitious?


Strategic Imperative #1 – Develop and Maintain Outstanding Programs for Our Community

Goal #1 – Continually Improve the Outcomes of Existing Programs
Goal #2 – Develop Processes to Identify Gaps in Services
Goal #3 – Develop Objective Criteria to Assess New Programs
Goal #4 – Determine the Role of Habitat Investment Properties
Goal #5 – Determine the Role of NRI
Strategic Imperative #2 – Ensure Future Financial Sustainability

Goal #6 – Increase Brand Awareness
Goal #7 – Optimize Philanthropic Opportunities
Goal #8 – Continue to Focus on Cost Effectiveness
Strategic Imperative #3 – Develop Community–Based Partnerships

Goal #9 – Explore Partnership Opportunities with Other Non–Profits
Goal #10 – Explore Partnerships with the Faith–Based Community
Goal #11 – Create a Pipeline for Volunteers Across the Organization

2014-2017 Strategic Plan

In order to accomplish these goals, a number of things must happen. We have to maintain an adequate number of properties in our inventory while nurturing approved homeowners through the entire home owning process. We must also raise sufficient funds and continue working with local volunteers and sponsors. Are you interested in helping York Habitat for Humanity achieve these goals? Get involved today.

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