Hanline Family: 1 Meadow Street, Jacobus, PA

A handicap accessible home for Laurie Hanline and her family. Allen, 13, is physically and mentally disabled. His wheelchair and walker did not fit through the doorways of the family’s previous rental house. The Hanline’s new, specially designed home allows Allen full mobility for the first time in his life!

Hanlin Family


Building Funding/Sponsors:

The lot was donated by Smith Village. Build sponsored by Crossroads Missions, Wells Fargo Foundation, Glatfelter Insurance Group, The Harley-Davidson Foundation, The Horn Foundation, The York Water Company, Gohn & Stambaugh Inc., Beard Towing Inc., Rich Fogle and Son, Lowe’s, York Building Products, York County School of Technology, York/Adams Professional Masons Association.

Construction Timeline:

Groundbreaking: September 2013

Dedication: March 29, 2014