York Habitat Sets New Record for Cars for Homes Program

York Habitat for Humanity has announced a new record for the local affiliate’s participation in the Cars for Homes Program.  In statistics just announced by Habitat for Humanity International, York Habitat had more vehicles donated for the quarter ending in September than ever before.  Over that time frame, 10 vehicles were donated to benefit York Habitat.

York Habitat for Humanity is just one of 419 Habitat affiliates sharing in what is an all-time record for funds delivered for a quarter by the Cars for Homes Program.  The affiliates will receive more than $670,000 from Habitat International up from the previous record by $155,000.  That means a record was set in two straight quarters for the car donation program.

“We are so excited to be a part of this program and excited to see a new record for York Habitat for Humanity,” said Habitat’s Associate Director Mark Mattern.  “We would like to see everyone in York County check out this program and if they think Habitat may help them to get rid of an old vehicle of any kind, make the call.  It really is a win, win, win situation in that the donor removes an unwanted vehicle, the donor gets a tax break and our affiliate gets a donation.

And no, the vehicle does not have to run!”

York Habitat for Humanity will receive close to $2,000 for the donations this quarter and Mattern points out that that total will increase rapidly when more and more donors get involved.

For more information on the program potential donors can call 877-277-4344 or stop by the Cars for Homes web site at carsforhomes.org.

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